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ILX800-SMSG, Micro800 SMS Plug-in Module for OEM's and Machine

Micro800 SMS Plug-in Module for OEM's and Machine Builders


The ProSoft Technology SMS Plug-in Module adds bi-directional SMS text messaging capability to the Allen-Bradley Micro830 family of controllers. Operating over the GSM cellular network, the plug-in module provides a cost- effective and secure method for OEMs to add remote communication features using cellular phones as the user interface to their machines and systems. Applications include remote alarming, environmental/energy monitoring, data collection, machine condition, inventory status alerts and production counts.


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Features and Benefits

Adds bi-directional SMS text messaging to the Micro830 controller family

  • Improves OEM machine and system competitiveness with cost-effective and tailored remote communications
  • Adds significant features such as remote alarming, environmental/energy monitoring, data collection, machine condition, inventory status alerts and production counts

Compatible with GSM cellular networks worldwide using secure Short Message Service (SMS) with whitelist option

  • Deploy the plug-in module wherever it is needed worldwide (pending country approvals) over the GSM cellular network
  • Highly secure using SMS network completely isolated from the end user IT network
  • Whitelist phone number option sets a designated list of allowed incoming originator numbers, thus securing access to only a few designated users

Pre-programmed CCW Function Block drivers and sample program included

  • Shortens development and testing time using industry standard programming languages (Ladder Logic, Structured Text and Function Block)

External antennas supported

  • External antenna mounting ensures strong and reliable cellular network connections


Cellular Technology

GSM (SMS Text Messaging)


· 850 MHz

· 900 MHz

· 1800 MHz

· 1900 MHz

RF Power

· 2 W at 850/900 MHz

· 1 W at 1800/1900 MHz

RF Sensitivity

· -107 dBm at 850/900 MHz

· -106 dBm at 1800/1900 MHz



Micro830 Plug-in Module

Antenna Ports

(1) RP-SMA connector


Lessthan 1lb (less than 0.45 kg)

Operating Temp

-4°F to 149°F (–20°C to +65°C)


Up to100% RH, with no condensation


IEC 60068-2-6 (10 Hz to 150 Hz @ 5g's Peak)


IEC 60068-2-27 (20g @ 11ms, 3-Axis)

Backplane Power

· 3.3 Vdc at 60 mA (max current draw)

· 24 Vdc at 60 mA (max current draw)


ILX800 SMSG Datasheet 1.30 MB Last Modified 04/15/2014
ILX800 SMSG User Manual 1,016.26 kB Last Modified 04/15/2014
Magnetic Mount GSM DCS Omni Antenna A081904-OM Datasheet 187.60 kB Last Modified 02/26/2013
Articulating Unity GSM DCS Omni Antenna 164.11 kB Last Modified 02/07/2013
ILX800 SMSG Sample Programs 98.78 kB Last Modified 09/13/2012
Micro800 SMS Plug-in Module Product Overview Video N/A Last Modified 04/30/2013



EX Certificate (ATEX Directive) 79.19 kB Last Modified 12/05/2012
Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) A-Tick Mark 69.00 kB Last Modified 12/05/2012
CB Safety 32.86 kB Last Modified 09/05/2012
CE Mark 91.91 kB Last Modified 03/13/2013
PTCRB 174.60 kB Last Modified 09/26/2012
UL/cUL; Class 1, Div 2 1.55 MB Last Modified 12/05/2012
UL/cUL; Class 1, Div 2 (Canada) 1.67 MB Last Modified 12/05/2012
Country Approval - Brazil 195.25 kB Last Modified 09/05/2012
Country Approval - Brazil 423.36 kB Last Modified 09/25/2012