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PC56 Picture

In-Rack PC with OPC Server for ControlLogix


Discontinued: No new product for sale. More Info

The PC56 with OPC Server allows you to access data from a ControlLogix PLC directly across the backplane, and connect to an OPC Client.

The PC56-OPC is an industrial PC for the ControlLogix platform that provides high speed communication with both local and remote ControlLogix processors. The PC56-OPC allows users to communicate with ControlLogix processors in an efficient, distributed, and cost-effective fashion.

Features and Benefits

The PC56-OPC allows you to access tag data from the ControlLogix Controller to a DAS Engine located on the PC56-OPC.

  • Improved reliability and performance: No middleware between client software and ControlLogix hardware
  • Easy Hardware Redundancy: Using two PC56-OPC, and then simply specifying two IP addresses for a very fast switching mechanism to support Redundancy.
  • Communicates with the ControlLogix controller directly through the ControlBus backplane, which simplifies installation and improves performance.
  • No modifications to the ControlLogix controller program are necessary.
  • Supports multiple ControlLogix controllers.
  • Supports both local (same rack as PC56-OPC) and remote (via 1756-ENET or 1756-CNET modules) controllers.
  • Easy-to-use configuration tools. Tag scan rates can be individually configured for optimal performance.


The PC56-OPC allows you to access data from the ControlLogix Controller to an OPC Server located on the PC56-OPC. Multiple ControlLogix controllers may be accessed, either in the local rack or in remote racks connected via Ethernet or ControlNet.


  •  Communicates directly with the ControlLogix processor across the backplane for the most reliable data access·
  •  Plug and Play. Can be added to new or existing ControlLogix PLCs without changing the control application
  •  Ability to read tags from networked processors
  •  No network connection required for local processors




CPU Processor

Embedded 500 MHz Processor


512 MB SDRAM System Memory, upgradeable to 1 GB

512 KB SRAM (Battery Backed)

Compact Flash

Compact Flash Type I or II socket


10/100T IEEE 802.3 Ethernet

Isolated Serial RS-232 / RS-422 / RS-485

(2) USB 2.0 / 1.1 High Speed Host


VGA, 2 Ethernet, 2 USB


Rechargeable Lithium Vanadium Pentoxide


COM 1 Mode Selection

Battery Enable/Clear CMOS

Boot to SAFE STATE (default settings)

Hardware Debugger Support


Recessed Reset Switch


4-digit alphanumeric status display

3 Status LEDs

1 User LED

Red, Green, Off

Real-Time Clock

Precision RTC accurate to +/- 4 minutes per year


82C54 Timer Clock 14 MHz -- Interrupt Interval 1.67619 US



1920 x 1440

1280 x 1024 256

1024 x 768 56K

800 x 600 16 M

43 Hz Interlaced 56 through 85 Hz Refresh Rates

Environmental Specifications




Non-Operating: 0 to 80° C

Operating: 0 to 60° C

Note: Storage media may limit operating

Form Factor

Single-slot ControlLogix module

Power Ratings

10 W Max power consumption (Backplane powered)


Russian GOST-R 1.23 MB Last Modified 11/01/2012
Declaration of Conformity (RoHS/CE) 300.29 kB Last Modified 03/04/2018