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What are Optional AOIs and do I need them?

Optional AOIs, are, as their name suggests, Add-On Instructions which are not necessary for the operation of their corresponding card. For most applications, they are completely unnecessary, as the only features they provide are the ability to change the card's IP address from ladder, and the ability to change the cards internal clock. The latter is generally not useful for anything a customer would be using Prosoft cards for, more useful for internal test engineering, while the former is generally unnecessary simply do to the excess of other ways we provide to change the cards IP address combined with the fact that it is extremely rare that a customer would need or want to change the IP address of a Prosoft card post commissioning and not need to also make additional configuration changes, and if you're changing the configuration, you already have the ability to change the IP address from your configuration interface.

If, however, you anticipate needing to change the IP address, and only the IP address, of the card, and would like a way to do so via ladder, that is the situation in which the optional AOIs are useful.

Warning: Please be aware that all current Optional AOIs were designed exclusively for the MVI56E platform. If you have an older MVI56 version of a module which has an Optional AOI, you can not use the Optional AOI with your module.
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