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RadioLinx ControlScape


The RadioLinx ControlScape application provides a graphical representation of your RLX-IFH and RLX2-IFH radio network, allowing you to configure the radios and monitor their performance. ControlScape can be used to support configuration and installation as well as provide long-term monitoring of system performance.


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Features and Benefits

  • Works for all IFH radios: RLX-IFHxx andRLX2-IFHxx
  • Displays important parameters from any radio
  • Updates the firmware for all radios
  • Provides simplified parameter modification
  • Provides a "health view" (color-coded links indicatestrong, marginal, or poor signals)
  • Provides advanced information such as signal-tonoiseratio
  • Allows diagnostics to be performed from any radio

ControlScape is easy to use and intuitive. Default valuesbuilt into the software work well for initial installation andtesting making it easy for first-time users. ControlScapemanages all important settings to ensure that thenetwork performs correctly, yet it is powerful enough foradvanced users to specify their own settings such asmixing and matching protocols and radio types in asingle network providing increased flexibility. Diagnosticsare simple but informative. The status of all network linksincluding relative strength are continuously displayed.


  • Configure new networks and radios:
    • Assign roles (Master, Remote or Repeater) to the radios
    • Define data paths
    • Set the radio's operation parameters (baud rate, parity, IP Address etc.)
  • Edit existing networks or radios:
    • Add or delete Remote or Repeater radios
    • Re-assign roles to the radios
    • Define operation parameters
  • Diagnose functionality of existing networks
    • Display the status of each Remote or Repeater radio (when a Master radio is cabled to the PC


ControlScape Datasheet 1.17 MB Last Modified 02/01/2018
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