Johnson Controls Metasys N2 Systems Communication Module for ControlLogix by FieldServer Technologies


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The SlotServer ControlLogix Metasys N2 by JCI Communications Interface allows an Allen Bradley ControlLogix platform to pass data between a ControlLogix CPU and Johnson Controls Metasys N2 networks. The Metasys N2 SlotServer can be configured as a Metasys Slave or Master enabling exchange of information between Metasys Master devices such as NCM, N-30, NAE or NIE) or Metasys Slave devices such as UNT, VMA, DX9100, VAV or AHU.

Physically configured to plug into a standard ControlLogix rack, the SlotServer Module is configured for the 1756 platform using standard RSLogix message block reads to allow for efficient transfer of large blocks of data. Specific configuration data is contained in the Configuration CSV file downloaded to the module.

SlotServer is a flexible communications module that can be configured to communicate to a wide range of protocols found in the extensive FieldServer Technologies library of protocols. The SlotServer is recognized as an input/output module by ControlLogix and has access to processor memory for data transfer between processor and module.

Comes with the standard two-year FieldServer warranty

Features and Benefits

FieldServer Technologies has been a leader in Metasys Gateways for many years, successfully interfacing Metasys N2 to a wide variety of building automation and process controls.

This same interface technology is put to use with the SlotServer to provide a ControlLogix Communications Interface that can interface to a wide variety of Metasys N2 devices as a Master or a Slave device. The SlotServer for Metasys N2 also has an extensive memory base enabling it to interface to 3000 addresses.

SlotServers are also available for other building automation control protocols and most common fire alarm control panel protocols. For information about the specific protocol, please refer to the datasheet for that specific protocol.

Contact ProSoft Technology to learn more about the SlotServer and the specific protocols available to meet your specific needs.


  •  Communicates directly with the ControlLogix processor across the backplane for the most reliable data access·
  •  Plug and Play. Can be added to new or existing ControlLogix PLCs without changing the control application
  •  Ability to read tags from networked processors
  •  No network connection required for local processors




Slot width


BackPlane Current Load

600 mA @ 5V

Operating Temperature

0o to 60 o C (32 o to 140o F)

Storage Temperature

-40o to 85o C (-40o to 185o F)

LED Indicators

Module Status

Backplane Transfer Status

Communications status

Configuration Error

System Error

Serial Activity

Ethernet Activity

10/100BaseT indicator


TP/FT-10 (LonWorks)

RS-485 (2-wire)

Ethernet (10/100BaseT)


Length: 5.11” (130 mm)

Depth: 2.27” (57,7 mm)

Height: 3.70” (94,0 mm)

Service Pin

For LonWorks commissioning


Local or remote rack


Configuration data is contained in

the configuration CSV file

downloaded to the module. Sample

configuration file is included.

Configuration file development

service available from FieldServer

Technologies or approved system integrators


Up to 95% RH, with no condensation


CE Mark 47.39 kB Last Modified 03/07/2019
cUL/NRTL Certificate 127.38 kB Last Modified 05/06/2013
Declaration of Conformity (RoHS/CE) 256.59 kB Last Modified 07/06/2018