Wireless POINT I/O Adapter, non-CE


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The ILX34-AENWG Wireless POINT I/O Adapter Add-On Profile (AOP) utilizes the familiar RSLogix™ 5000 programming environment and connection-based EtherNet/IP™ protocol to simplify configuring and communicating with POINT I/O racks scattered throughout the process facility. The compact size of POINT I/O systems, when coupled with the Wireless POINT I/O Adapter, make them ideal for collecting data from and controlling moving systems like robots, automated carts, overhead cranes, earthmovers, as well as fixed-position racks in hard-to-reach areas of the process plant.

The Wireless POINT I/O Adapter can be used in networks with RadioLinx Industrial Hotspots or third party 802.11g access points to provide high-speed, low latency 802.11g client communication over widely spaced plant areas. This ability to work with existing standards-based wireless technology protects and leverages the end-users' investment. For security, the Wireless POINT I/O employs 802.11i WPA2 with AES Encryption.

Features and Benefits

EtherNet/IP connection-based communication

  • Connection-based communication for the highest level of integration with Rockwell Automation controllers and software

Program using RSLogix 5000 version 17 or later and AOP

  • Simplified integration with a familiar programming environment
  • Easy to configure, no special configuration software required
  • Integrated web page for wireless configuration

802.11g client

  • Standards-based wireless protects investment and allows communication with RadioLinx Industrial Hotspots or 3rd party 802.11g access points
  • High-speed, low latency wireless communication

Supports ProSoft Technology Integrated Wireless Architecture when used with RadioLinx Industrial Hotspots

  • Optimizes wireless bandwidth through intelligent routing of multicast packets
  • Limits loss of I/O messages

Uses Rockwell Automation POINT I/O modules

  • Field-proven, cost effective I/O platform
  • POINT I/O diagnostic features include channel-level diagnostics, removal and insertion under power
  • Many Input/Output types to choose from digital I/O, analog I/O, POINT Guard I/O, RTD, thermocouple, serial-interface for ASCII, and counters
  • Easy to add / customize point count - up to 63 POINT I/O modules per adapter


Expansion I/O Capacity

POINTBus Current Output

ILX34-AENWG uses 1.0A, 300 mA available for I/O modules.

Use 1734-EP24DC backplane extension power supplies to extend beyond 300 mA

Maximum # of Modules

63 modules

Max # of Rack Optimized Connections

5 for digital I/O modules only

Max # of direct connections


  • Data communication interface via IEEE 802.11g 54Mb Wireless standard
  • Configuration interface via 10/100 full/half duplex Cat5 cable
  • EtherNet/IP messages encapsulated within standard TCP/UDP/IP protocol
  • Half/full duplex 54 Mbps wireless operation
  • Communication to and from other POINT I/O modules on the same DIN-rail
  • Communication supported by RSLinx software
  • I/O configuration via RSLogix 5000 software
  • No network scheduling required
  • No routing tables required
  • Support of connections from multiple controllers simultaneously


Input Voltage

24 VDC nominal, 10-28.8 VDC range

Power Consumption

10.0 W max @ 28.8 VDC

Input Protection

Reverse Polarity, Transients

Isolation Voltage

1800 VDC for 60 sec



Indicators (RF status)

Link, Activity Reused from the wired link/activity bicolor LEDs

POINTBus Output Current

300 mA maximum

Thermal Dissipation

9.5 BTU / hr, maximum

Dimensions inches (mm)

3.0H x 2.16W x 5.25L (76.2H x 54.9W x 133.4L)


12 oz / 340 grams

EtherNet Connector

RJ-45, Category 5



Operating Temperature

-20° to 55° C.
IEC 60068 - 2 -1 cold
IEC 60068 - 2 -2 dry heat
IEC 60068 - 2 -14 thermal shock

Storage Temp

-40° to 85° C

Relative Humidity

5 to 95% noncondensing.
IEC 60068-2-30


30g operating 50g nonoperating
IEC 60068-2-27


5g 10 to 500Hz
IEC 60068-2-6

ESD Immunity

6kV contact discharge 8kV air discharge
IEC 60068-4-2

Radiated RF Immunity

10V/m 1kHz sine AM Modulation 30MHz to 2GHz
10V/m 200 Hz AM Pulse 50% to 100 % frequencies 
IEC 60068-4-3

EFT/B Immunity

4kV at 5kHz power ports, 2kV 5.0kHz communication ports
IEC 61000-4-5

Surge Transient Immunity

1kV line-line (DM) and 2kV line-earth (CM) on comm. Ports
1kV line-line (DM) and 2kV line-earth (CM) on power ports
IEC 61000-4-5

Conducted RF Immunity

10Vrms 1kHz sine 80% modulation AM 150kHz to 80MHz
IEC 61000-4-6


CISPR 11 Group 1 Class A

Enclosure rating

None (open style)


Radio / RF

Communication standard



802.11i (WPA2)


None, WEP, AES

RF Power

12 dBm (16 mW) without antenna gain - allows up to 6 dBi antenna for ETSI, 100 mW EIRP limited countries

Antenna connection

One RP-SMA connector

IGMP querying support

Use of WDS to support IGMP querying and multicast

Indoor distance

100 meters at 54 Mbps (use RadioLinx Industrial Hotspots radios to extend range)

Outdoor distance

Up to 3 km with high gain, directional antennas and RF line-of-sight




Molded plastic, integrated DIN rail clip

All other components

Supplied by Rockwell Automation standard 1734-AENTR parts

Enclosure Type Rating

None (open-style)

LED Indicators

  • Link
  • Activity
  • System Power
  • Field Power
  • Module Status
  • Network Status
  • Network Activity
  • POINTBus Status


Wireless packets per second

Up to 1000

RSLogix I/O Configuraton Requested Packet Interval, Typical for one adapter per single 802.11 network

Allow 20 ms per I/O connection

Example: Set RPI = 100ms for 5 I/O connections

(For recommended RPI using multiple adapters per single network, contact ProSoft Technical Support)


FSB Notification 13.46 MB Last Modified 08/27/2012
GOST-R Declaration of Conformity 6.68 MB Last Modified 12/18/2012
Russian GOST-R 7.07 MB Last Modified 12/18/2012
Russian GOST-R (Mandatory) 11.49 MB Last Modified 12/18/2012
UL/cUL; Class 1, Div 2 637.08 kB Last Modified 09/15/2014
UL/cUL; Class 1, Div 2 (Canada) 673.91 kB Last Modified 09/15/2014
Country Approval - Russia - EAC Declaration (Wired) 1.92 MB Last Modified 01/07/2020