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802.11abgn Fast Industrial Hotspot RLX2 (ETSI)


The ProSoft Technology Fast Industrial Hotspot (RLX2-IHNF) provides secure wireless solutions for plant-floor, SCADA automation, process control systems and mobile worker Wi-Fi infrastructure. It operates in the 2.4 or 5 GHz bands, including DFS channels, and is good for applications up to 2 mi. / 3.2 km. The radio features Ultra-Fast access point switchover times of less than 10 ms, which is ideal for applications such as automated storage-retrieval systems, automotive skillet lines, and bottle filling machines.

The radio will be appreciated by both sides – OT and IT. Your OT personnel will like the radio’s EtherNet/IP embedded object and Modbus agent support, which allows them to get diagnostic data into their PLC immediately, where they can analyze and act upon data, optimizing your resources. IT departments will appreciate the radio’s SNMP support. 


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Features and Benefits

  • EtherNet/IP™- or Modbus®-based PLCs/PACs can use message instructions to read diagnostic information from the radios, helping to reduce down time when troubleshooting wireless network problems.
  • 802.11i, WPA-2 Personal/Enterprise using 128-bit AES encryption ensures secure networking
  • RADIUS security ensures secure networking with advanced authentication and encryption
  • Virtual Local Area Networks (VLAN) allow for secure network segmentation
  • Network Address Translation (NAT) lets machine builders deploy machines without needing to change IP addresses every time
  • Quality of Service (QoS) provides data prioritization for I/O control devices, video data, etc.
  • Ultra-Fast Roaming (under 10ms) maintains seamless, high-speed connections to one or more devices on moving equipment and machines (such as cranes, AGVs, and carriers) as they travel between Access Points
  • IGMP Snooping & Packet Filtering optimizes UDP multicast traffic for superior EtherNet/IP I/O communications
  • Supports the ability to communicate with multiple Ethernet devices when used with existing third-party wireless infrastructures
  • Supports AeroScout RTLS (real-time location services) tagging by passing signals from tags to the network
  • Supports Power over Ethernet (PoE) to reduce cabling costs
  • Disaster recovery feature allows the radio configuration to be stored on a microSD card for quick field replacement
  • Connect serial networks (Modbus, DNP 3, etc.) over 802.11 wireless networks
  • Simple local and remote configuration, monitoring, and wireless network diagnostics via IH Browser utility or SNMP


Radio Specifications




Frequency band 
(Varies by country)

2.412 GHz to 2.462 GHz (FCC)
2.412 GHz to 2.472 GHz (ETSI)

1 to 11
1 to 13


5.150 GHz to 5.250 GHz (FCC/ETSI)
5.260 GHz to 5.580 GHz (FCC/ETSI)*
5.660 GHz to 5.700 GHz (FCC/ETSI)*
5.725 GHz to 5.850 GHz (FCC/ETSI Series C only)
* DFS channels with RADAR detection

36 to 48
52 to 116*
132 to 140*
149 to 165

Wireless standards

802.11n, 802.11a, 802.11g, 
802.11h (DFS), 802.11i (Security), 802.11e (QoS)
802.112Q (VLAN), 802.113af (PoE), IGMPv2

Transmit power (Programmable) 
*Subject to regional regulatory limits

22 dBm @ MCS0, MCS8 (802.11an/gn)
17 dBm @ MCS7, MCS15 (802.11an/gn)
22 dBm @ 6 Mbps (802.11a/g)
17 dBm @ 54 Mbps (802.11a/g)


Antenna Impact:
3 Antennas/MIMO: Use values above
2 Antennas: Subtract 2 dB from values above
1 Antenna: Subtract 5 dB from values above

Channel data rates 802.11n

MCS0 through MCS15,
1 Channel or 2 Channels with 1 Stream or 2 Streams


1 Channel

2 Channels




6.5 Mbps

13.5 Mbps


1 Stream


65 Mbps

150 Mbps




13 Mbps

27 Mbps


2 Streams


130 Mbps

300 Mbps




11, 5.5, 2, 1 Mbps
54, 48, 36, 24, 18, 12, 11, 9, 6, 5.5, 2, 1 Mbps

Receiver sensitivity (Typical)

-92 dBm @ MCS0, MCS8 (802.11an/gn)
-70 dBm @ MCS7, MCS15 (802.11an)
-74 dBm @ MCS7, MCS15 (802.11gn)
-92 dBm @ 6 Mbps (802.11an/gn)
-74 dBm @ 54 Mbps (802.11a)
-78 dBm @ 54 Mbps (802.11g)


WPA2 Personal/Enterprise – 802.11i AES
WPA2 Personal – 802.11i AES w/ Passphrase 
Legacy WPA TKIP, WEP support 
MAC ID filter



Extruded aluminum with DIN rail mount

(H x W x D)

5.82 x 4.64 x 1.48 in 
14.8 x 11.8 x 3.8 cm


IEC 60068 2-6 (20G, 3-Axis)


IEC 60068 2-27 (5G, 10 to 150 Hz)

Ethernet Port

(1) 10/100/1000 Base-T connector, shielded RJ45
IEEE 802.3, 802.3u, 802.3x

Serial Port

(1) RS232 DB9 female (supports serial tunneling and ModBus TCP/IP to Modbus RTU connectivity)

Antenna Port

(3) RP-SMA connectors

Personality Module

Industrial microSD Memory Module (included)


1.1 lbs (499 g)


Operating Temperature

-40°F to +167°F (-40°C to +75°C)
-40° to 158°F (-40° to 70°C), RLX2-IHNF Series B and C only


Up to 100% RH, with no condensation

External Power
PoE Injector

10 to 24 VDC
802.3af PoE Powered Device

Peak Power Consumption

< 9W (Series B), < 8W (Series C)


EX Certificate (ATEX Directive) 79.28 kB Last Modified 03/14/2013
CB Safety 47.05 kB Last Modified 03/14/2013
Declaration of Conformity (RoHS/CE) 301.40 kB Last Modified 12/05/2018
UL/cUL; Class 1, Div 2 416.27 kB Last Modified 02/06/2014
Country Approval - Australia 30.90 kB Last Modified 05/19/2014
Country Approval - Brazil 233.44 kB Last Modified 05/21/2019
Country Approval - Ecuador 733.72 kB Last Modified 02/19/2019
Country Approval - Egypt 427.36 kB Last Modified 01/31/2019
Country Approval - India 708.38 kB Last Modified 08/27/2014
Country Approval - Japan 161.39 kB Last Modified 02/19/2019
Country Approval - Korea 495.25 kB Last Modified 02/06/2019
Country Approval - Kuwait 434.95 kB Last Modified 07/02/2018
Country Approval - Malaysia 293.17 kB Last Modified 05/23/2017
Country Approval - New Zealand 36.50 kB Last Modified 05/19/2014
Country Approval - Qatar 348.50 kB Last Modified 02/24/2016
Country Approval - Russia, Belarus, & Kazakhstan 871.52 kB Last Modified 08/04/2017
Country Approval - Saudi Arabia 362.48 kB Last Modified 02/06/2019
Country Approval - Singapore 87.21 kB Last Modified 05/21/2019
Country Approval - South Africa 351.27 kB Last Modified 02/24/2016
Country Approval - United Arab Emirates 55.81 kB Last Modified 01/31/2019