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Can Prosoft Ethernet modules and gateways communicate with equipment on different subnets?

Yes, but as with any Ethernet equipment, mask and gateway settings used in our configuration must be correct for your network, and the routers and/or layer 3 switches etc at the site must be correctly configured.

Examples of switch and router configuration would include allowing broadcast traffic for ARP resolution and allowing traffic on ports required for application protocols ie 502 for Modbus, 20000 for DNP3, etc.  If discovery services and remote configuration and diagnostics via Ethernet are required for in-chassis and gateway products, routers and layer switches must also permit UDP communication on ports 50000 and 3000.

Regarding the correct mask and gateway settings for equipment on the network, Prosoft can provide general advice, but these are network architecture decisions which will often require assistance from those in charge of IT for the site. 

Please visit the following links for information on the subject of subnets:


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