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Can an AN-X2-AB-DHRIO communicate with a 1756-DHRIO

Although the AN-X2-AB-DHRIO can technically communicate to a 1756-DHRIO (you can see its node on the DH+ network), the AN-X doesn't support CIP routing over DH+, so you can not actually view the backplane of the 1756-DHRIO's rack. Attempting to expand out the 1756-DHRIO will instead cause the AN-X2-AB-DHRIO to wrap back on itself, causing it to show its own virtual back-plane instead of that of the 1756-DHRIO. Consequently we do NOT recommend using the AN-X2-AB-DHRIO to talk to a 1756-DHRIO or any other device which would require us to use CIP routing over DH+ to see its sub-nodes in a similar fashion.
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