Bad Assignment error in Sycon software

When using Sycon software with a PDPM module, you will see a "bad assignment" in the network view menu. This does not indicate an error with the PDPM module communicating to the slave. Sycon software is a generic PROFIBUS master software that is used in many master applications. The bad assignment error relates to an OPC server functionality within Sycon. This feature of Sycon is not available when using Sycon with a ProLinx PDPM module, but rather is designed for when Sycon is being used with a PCI card that is installed in a PC and then takes that data to an OPC application (not a Prosoft product). The network view menu does not indicate status of your network with the ProLinx module. To view the status of the network with our ProLinx module you will want to do an online->start debug mode.


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