The Wallclock in my ProSoft MVIxx-AFC module seems to be showing Greenwich Mean Time (GMT or Universal Time) instead of Local Time. How do I get it to use Local Time?

First of all, be sure your processor is showing Local Time and that you have run the "Set Clock" routine from the AFC logic to synchronize the MVIxx-AFC Wallclock to the processor time.

If the processor shows correct local time and the MVIxx-AFC shows GMT after the Set Clock routine has been run and you are using RSLogix5000, version 16 or higher, and are using the ProSoft Add-On Instruction (AOI), you may have an older version of that AOI that called the "DateTime" clock parameter from the processor rather than the "LocalDateTime" parameter. You can correct this situation by downloading and installing the latest version of the AOI from the appropriate product web page Downloads link.

If you decide to use the newest AOI, please be sure to delete the previous AOI ladder instruction and rungs, the previous controller tags, and the previous User-defined Data Types (UDTs) before you import the new AOI rung.  You should leave the I/O configuration in place.

The new import will re-create all these deleted items for you, as well as correct the Wallclock issue.  Be sure to run the Set Clock routine after re-importing the new AOI.  At that point, the MVIxx-AFC module Wallclock and the processor date and time should agree.

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