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Can the module of MVI46-MCM be placed in Remote I/O Rack?

The MVI46-MCM cannot be in a remote rack via blue hose (Remote I/O).However use of the module in "Extended local I/O" where the racks are connected using the chassis connector cable is supported....

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Can an MVI71-AFC or a 2100AGA module to work in a remote rack?

The module will work in a local rack in any rack addressing mode (1/2, 1, or 2-slot mode as determined by the switch settings of the PLC5 rack). However, when installed in a Remote Rack, the module needs to communicate to the ASB using 2-slot addressing. This is determined by a B...

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When my 2100-AGA is configured as a Modbus Master, the request packets being issued by the module are incorrect.

The spacing in the MCM.CFG module configuration file and the MBM.CMD command file are critical. If the spacing of the text is not correct, the parsing of the configuration files will be incorrect, thus creating invalid outputs from the 2100-AGA module....

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I have replaced my old 2100-AGA with PCMCIA Flash Card Slot with the newer style 2100-AGA with Compact Flash. Is there a way to edit the Modbus commands stored on the CF card without removing it from

The older 2100-AGA solutions had keyboard, mouse, and monitor ports, so Modbus files could be edited on it.  That hardware became unavailable, so ProSoft had to create a substiute on different hardware that would be able to replace older 2100-AGAs that failed for customers w...

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When converting from a 2100-AGA to an AFC flow module, why are there different flow values between the 2 modules?

The attached document describes the differences in the calculations when using AGA 3....

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What are the 2100-AGA Bios settings on the old hardware that has a VGA port, PCMCIA card, and 3 serial ports?

That hardware was the EIP version of the 2100-AGA hardware.  This module required the bios settings listed in the attached document.  That hardware was later replaced by the 2100-AGA rev 3 module, using the same hardware as our MVI71 products. The attached BIOS set...

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