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Issue importing ICD device template file into the 61850 Configuration manager

When using a .ICD file to configure devices on an IEC 61850 network there are potential issues in importing the file into the 61850 Configuration Manager software.  There are a couple of things to look at. 

1)       The configuration tool accepts only configured IED files such as .CID and .SCD files.  The only reason that the configuration tool allows the importing of an .ICD file is that some major equipment vendors actually export a .ICD file, but with configuration settings such as a .CID file (with IP Address defined).  The .ICD file is normally a template file, and does not contain an IP address for the device, so this is certainly not standard, but to support this vendor we allow a configured .ICD file to be imported in the software. 

2)      The configuration tool does not allow the same IED Name to be used.  So even though you have the following file names (RELAY1.ICD and RELAY2.ICD) if the “IEDName” field inside the configuration file says “TEMPLATE” for both, then you will not be able to import both of the configuration files.  Each IED Name must be unique (this is defined around lines 7 and 37 of the .ICD file)

When using .ICD files in the configuration software, make sure that the file is configured (contains an IP address) and not just a template file.  Additionally if importing multiple .ICD files, make sure that the IED Name is unique for each. 


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