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I cannot locate the .EDS file for my ProSoft Product. Where can I get the proper .EDS file for my module?

Most ProSoft products which either go in a Rockwell PLC rack (InRAx modules) or communicate over EtherNet/IP (EIP), most of these products do not require an .EDS file for proper operation. Because of this. we do not provide .EDS files for every product which could support them. If you are in a situation where an .EDS file is required for a specific product, visit the product page off the main http://prosoft-technology.com page. On the DOWNLOADS tab there will often be a link to the .EDS file for that product. If it cannot be found there, check the Sample Ladder archives. Often, these files will get placed in there. If the .EDS file is not in either location, it likely does not exist, as it is not necessary for the functionality of the product.
However, if you do require an .EDS file for your ProSoft product, and one cannot be located, contact our Technical Support Deparrtment, and they will do their best to get you an .EDS file that will work for your product.
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