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How do I get Floating Point (or Double INT or Unsigned INT) data?

Most ProSoft gateways and In-Chassis modules contain a database that is based upon 16 bit words.
To store 32 bit data types 2 consecutive registers or elements are required.
Examples of these 32 bit data types are Reals or Floats and DINTs or double Integers.

To access 32 bit data types in Rockwell Automation controllers it will be necessary to use the COP or CPS instruction to copy the value into the appropriate data type.
(The Length parameter in these instructions are based upon the destination tag's data type.)

Note: Since two consecutive registers are required to store each 32 bit value in the internal database, it is important to remember that the next available value is not (Starting Internal Address +1), but rather (Starting Internal Address + 2) so that all 32 bit values will begin on either an odd number or an even number.

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