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SD Card Support on the PLX31 & PLX32 Series Gateways

The SD card slot on the PLX31 & PLX32 family of gateways is provided to simplify the process of transferring gateway configurations from one gateway to another (of the same model). It is not a requirement for the SD card to be present. During boot-up, the gateway firmware detects whether the SD card is present. If an SD card is detected, all subsequent configuration downloads will be stored on the SD card, and if no card is detected, all subsequent configuration downloads will be stored on the gateway’s internal non-volatile RAM. The same is true for configuration uploads from the device to your computer. Note that if a SD card is present, any downloads you perform will be done to the SD card only, any configuration stored in the internal non-volatile RAM will remain unchanged and the gateway will return to running off said internally stored configuration if the unit is powered back up after the SD card has been removed.

We have not tested every possible combination of SD card types, but the following is a general guideline on what type of SD card and partition formats are supported by the PLX gateways:

1) All SD cards formatted with FAT/FAT16 of any size should be supported.
2) SD/SDHC cards formatted with FAT32 should be supported. We have tested SDHC cards up to 4GB in size.
3) exFAT and NTFS are not supported.
4) Any other partition formats are more than likely not supported.
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