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Are any ProSoft solutions SIL2 rated?

Functional Safety “SIL” Rating

Functional Safety is implemented in a system which performs, detects or reports safety functions from design processes in IEC 61508 and augmented under a QMS of ISO 9001. Safety functions of equipment and the reliability of the functions give the SIL ratings.   

SIL1 ≥ 10 times

SIL2 ≥ 100 times

SIL3 ≥ 1000 times

SIL4 ≥ 10,000 times
In 2008, TUV Rheinland performed an assessment on ProSoft products and found they were exempt from the IEC 61508 functional safety requirements. The products of ProSoft Technology, ProLinx, ProTalk, InRax and RadioLinx are exempt from the IEC 61508 functional safety requirements due to the fact they do not perform, detect or report safety functions.
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