Robust Wireless Solutions for the Toughest Industrial Environments

Industrial wireless systems are a key element in the Connected Enterprise.
ProSoft Technology has developed a dedicated portfolio of industrial wireless products to ensure reliability, flexibility, and efficiency when extending an industrial communications network.

Seamless Network Integration

ProSoft’s RLX2 wireless Ethernet portfolio ensures connectivity to modern wired and wireless devices with the trusted and standardized performance of IEEE 802.11. This makes the RLX2 ideal for all systems, from large networks to mobile machines.

Reliable Connection for Automation Systems

ProSoft’s RLX2 portfolio was developed with automation-specific features to meet the demands of industry. These features include fast roaming for mobile applications, AOIs for easy integration into a control system, and Class 1 EtherNet/IP™ communication for CIP Safety applications.

Download the Application Guide:
Using Functional Safety Protocols Over Wireless Networks.


Robust and Flexible

ProSoft devices are designed with industrial applications in mind. This means they are hardened for harsh environments, and are available with various environmental approvals.

Expert Support

ProSoft offers professional services for industrial wireless networks. These services include site surveys to help with wireless network planning and to ensure the wireless network performance after deployment.

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