The automotive industry is
evolving at a rapid pace and
industrial communications
play a vital role.

In-chassis modules, gateways, and wireless radios can ensure reliable communications throughout your automotive plant.

MES Communication Solutions

Turn Your Production Data into Actionable Information


AGV Communication Solutions

Automated Guided Vehicles can boost production throughout your
plant – but you need a reliable wireless network to ensure they’re where they need to be. With Industrial Wireless Hotspots supporting Ultra-Fast Roaming, your PAC can know that your AGVs and the assets they carry are where they’re supposed to be.

Real-world case study

Find out how AGVs paired with strong wireless communication led to several benefits for an automotive company.


Metal Stamping and Forming Solutions

In metal stamping and forming applications, safety is paramount. Wireless solutions for safety I/O control can help ensure reliable communications while maintaining worker safety.

Final Assembly Solutions

The vehicle’s almost done but communications remain key to ensure a quality finished product – and no production delays. Using a radiating cable solution provides clear communications for your skillet line, eliminating wireless interference in a busy facility. If a wireless issue were to occur, our Industrial Wireless Hotspots can send status details to your PLC and be displayed on your operator panel, reducing troubleshooting time.


OEM Supplier Solutions

If you’re an OEM, you’ve likely seen an increase in post-installation maintenance services. With secure remote access solutions, you can monitor equipment from anywhere, decreasing your support travel costs. Need to see your automotive equipment’s operational history to ensure that warranty claims are valid? A data logger keeps performance records without putting a strain on your network bandwidth.


Modernization Solutions

Have a legacy system but don’t want to run the major risks of a full rip-and-replace? With a phased approach, you can modernize on your timeline, minimizing scheduled downtime, without having to touch your PLC code.


Plant Energy Solutions

Need to decrease energy costs or have corporate sustainability objectives to meet? Your compressors and air handlers likely have usage data that could help you increase energy efficiency – but how can you get that information so you can analyze it? In-chassis modules and gateways can bring your building automation equipment’s data directly into your PAC and then have your PAC programmed to coordinate their operation, saving you money.