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The benefits of secure remote access include increased productivity and the optimization of resources that will have a positive impact for any organization. Start enjoying Secure Remote Access advantages.

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  •   Reduced machine or process downtime
  •   Reduced support costs
  •   Scalable use of resources to provide support to multiple customers

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Secure Remote Access focuses on OT’s need to keep machine and process downtime to a minimum and IT’s need for visibility and security.

ProSoft Connect is easy to use, highly scalable, and available.

Connect was built using a container and microservices architecture - find out how that benefits your application in this white paper!

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Key Features of ProSoft Connect

  •   No software to install, ever!
  •   Outbound connections only
  •   Enabling Virtual Lockout-Tagout™ requires users to obtain permission prior to making a secure remote connection
  •   Two-factor authentication
  •   Email notification and audit log
  •   One-time use credentials for 256 bit encrypted tunnels

ProSoft’s remote access solutions were designed with these security considerations in mind.

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