The Persistent Data Network (PDN) is a Simple, Secure and Managed remote infrastructure communication network designed to connect geographically dispersed assets.

The PDN network can be created in minutes using the Belden Horizon™ platform. PDN uses the multi-layered defense-in-depth technique to ensure the network and the data being transported is very secure. PDN networks also support anytime, anywhere secure remote access to your field devices.

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Secure. Managed. Always on.

PDN includes multiple levels of security (defense-in-depth), including:

  •   256-bit AES encryption
  •   Single-use credentials for tunnel connections
  •   Separated communications (data) and control (device management) plane – it is like having a dedicated lane on a freeway!
  •   Regular 3rd-party PEN testing
  •   No software to install or maintain
  •   Token-based two-factor authentication
  •   User-configurable password policy
  •   Role-based user and device access
  •   Active Directory support via Single Sign-On
  •   Virtual Lockout-Tagout
  •   IP Allow List
  •   VPN Tunneling
  •   Auto export of Audit Log
  •   Secure SMS messaging using EtherNet/IP™ or Modbus TCP/IP
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Getting Started is Simple

Start by creating and activating an account at, then install and activate your gateway hardware on Belden Horizon and add it to the PDN project.
These simple steps will lead to the creation of a secure Layer2 network. Any automation devices connected to the gateway and following the Layer2 addressing scheme will be able to talk to each other like they were physically plugged into a switch on your desk.

On The Go

Belden Horizon Lite App

Download the Belden Horizon Lite App on the App Store.

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