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ProSoft Technology has a wide array of products to choose from including industrial cellular, 802.11 abgn hotspots, frequency hopping radios for long-distance applications and wireless I/O. Scroll down to see architectures and educational videos.

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  • ICX35-HWC




  • RLX2-IHA-A

  • RLX2-IHG-A

  • BM-xx00-RM1K


Wireless I/O

Need to wire I/O point-to-point or to several points? Our Wireless I/O systems are quickly deployed and allow you to avoid trenching, conduit, pulling wires, and permitting. Find out more about how these solutions can benefit your application here.


802.11 Devices

ProSoft Technology has a family of Wi-Fi radios to meet various applications. Our 802.11abgn radios are capable of RF data transmission rates of up to 300 Mbps, which is great for I/O Control and video streaming applications. The RLX2 family has many valuable features, such as:

The EtherNet/IP™ object and Modbus® Agent support enables the ability for EtherNet/IP and Modbus® TCP controllers to read diagnostic information from the radios. This can help reduce down time when troubleshooting network issues.

The Network Address Translation (NAT) feature decreases engineering and testing time for machine builders. NAT allows the IP addresses on machines on one side of a radio look like different IP addresses on the other side of the radio. Individually re-programming the machines with unique IP addresses would be very time-consuming. By enabling NAT on each radio in the application, you can avoid the hassle of unique IP addresses and allow the various devices to keep their cookie-cutter programming codes. To add this feature to your RLX2-IHNF, IHA, and IHG radios, update them to the latest v37B firmware version on each radio’s product page using the links to the right!

The QoS feature allows for data prioritization. With QoS you can set different data transmission requirements for each of your I/O Control devices or video streaming. Virtual Local Area Networks (VLAN) allow for network secure segmentation. With a VLAN, you can have separate networks within your overall network.

Ultra-Fast Roaming: Provides seamless networking for automotive skillet lines, automated storage and retrieval systems, and amusement-park ride control. Mobile machines and carriers can travel long distances among multiple access points without dropping their Ethernet connection. Security: WPA2 Personal and Radius support with 128-bit AES encryption ensures secure networking.

We also have expertise in applications use a radiating cable solution. The radiating cable is good for applications where slip rings were initially used. The radiating cable solution reduces the maintenance and down time associated with slip rings in applications like bottling machines and automotive skillet lines.

White Paper: It's not a cable, it's an Antenna!
Application Story: Wrapping Four Bottles Per Second


Cellular Devices

In this age of constant connections and communications thanks to the advent of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), companies are able to remotely monitor their devices across the globe, ensuring that they are able to make up-to-the-minute decisions to optimize their resources. The gateways provide secure wireless Ethernet and serial access to remote field devices over 4G and 3G cellular service. Devices can also be accessed using secure VPN tunnels over your existing Internet connection. The ICX35-HWC features a built-in Web server for configuration, monitoring, and wireless network diagnostics.


ProSoft Technology’s Cellular Devices

Industrial Cellular Gateway ICX35-HWC

Industrial Wireless Videos



ProSoft Wireless Designer PSW-PWD


ProSoft Wireless Designer

Free ProSoft Wireless Designer software walks you through designing a new wireless network or adding to an existing network and at the end, presents you with a parts list of everything you need for your new wireless network.



A Guide to Wi-Fi and Frequency Hopping Antenna Selection


A Guide to Wi-Fi and Frequency Hopping Antenna Selection

If you need to know what antenna to use for your 802.11abgn or Frequency Hopping wireless application, this is the video to watch. ProSoft’s “Guide to Antenna Selection” video will answer your questions on what type of antenna to use, where to mount it and why. This is the wireless 101 video you have been looking for.

For more industrial wireless training videos, click here.