ProSoft Technology Adds DH+™ for PanelViews™ and Square D® Remote I/O to its Migration Gateway Family

Bakersfield, Calif., February 25, 2015 – ProSoft Technology’s Migration Gateway has added DH+™ for PanelView™ upgrades.

The gateway allows customers to take a phased migration approach when replacing or upgrading legacy DH+ and Remote I/O™ PanelViews.

ProSoft Technology has also added the EtherNet/IP™ to Square D® Remote I/O Gateway to its Migration Gateway family. The gateway allows Rockwell Automation® PACs to control Square D Remote I/O devices, minimizing the downtime required to upgrade the system. The Autoscan feature reduces configuration time, allowing you to get your system up and running quickly. The gateway’s configuration data is stored on a micro SD card, which can be used for disaster recovery.

ProSoft Technology’s Migration Solutions give users the freedom to migrate legacy control systems in phases, minimizing the risk of extended downtime. We’ve got Migration Solutions for GE Genius™, Texas Instruments™ 505, Modicon® S908 I/O networks and more.

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