ProSoft Technology video gives primer on Modbus

Engaging video offers insight into how Modbus Serial and TCP/IP work
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Bakersfield, Calif., March 13, 2014 -- ProSoft Technology®, a leading industrial communication company, has created a video that acts as a primer to the inner workings of Modbus Serial and TCP/IP.  

Modbus Video

“Understanding Modbus Serial and TCP/IP” offers an engaging look at the history of Modbus and how the Serial and TCP/IP systems work, giving insight into how information is conveyed in each. The video is a beneficial tool for anyone in need of a clear primer on how Modbus Serial and TCP/IP operate, in addition to information about function codes and data structures.

“Modbus is a highly used network that has unique terminologies and capabilities. It was developed with many nuances, and ProSoft’s video explores those in a way that is easy to understand,” said Ken Roslan, Vice President of Global Marketing for ProSoft Technology. “This is a valuable resource for many people, from those looking for basic information about Modbus to teachers in search of an interesting way to introduce students to the concept.”

The video has received 950 views in three weeks. To see the video and information about ProSoft Technology’s Modbus products, visit

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