ProSoft Technology’s In-rack Flow Computer for Rockwell Automation ControlLogix Platform: Certified for Custody Transfer

Industry Canada’s recent custody transfer certification of the inRAx full-function flow computer for ControlLogix (MVI56-AFC) assures users that the flow computer’s gas measurement values are accurate to the degree that they can be used in the transfer of ownership.

ProSoft Technology is pleased to announce Industry Canada’s recent approval for custody transfer of the inRAx Liquid and Gas Flow Computer for the Rockwell Automation ControlLogix platform (MVI56-AFC). This assures users that the flow computer’s gas measurement values are accurate to the degree that they can be used in the transfer of ownership, such as from a storage tank to a transport truck, and is precise enough to be used in establishing prices for the gas being measured.


The MVI56-AFC module provides the means in better facilitating custody transfer of products between two parties requiring: compliance with AGA 3, 7, 8 and API 2540 measurement standards, line balance for pipeline leak detection, configurable physical data input for all meter runs including orifice and pipe diameters, selection of type of taps and tap location, reference pressure, and temperature and local atmospheric conditions with meter scan time under 1 second for all 16 channels.


This module is the only full-function ControlLogix flow computer on the market and because of its integration directly with the processor backplane it is able to offer greater speed and capabilities versus stand-alone non-integrated flow computers. The module acts as an add-on co-processor to the ControlLogix without burdening the PLC/PAC with complicated flow algorithms. Additional enhancements include:


Modbus Dictionary: In flow applications, RTUs and SCADA networks often use the open Modbus protocol because of its common support and its multi-point (polled) architecture. The MVI56-AFC flow computer provides a Modbus Master port to allow users to poll data from a remote chromatograph device. The module has a vast internal Modbus map, which acts as an index for users to locate needed data.


Multi-Meter Runs: Stand-alone flow computers are relatively expensive and are often limited to only a few meter runs, which increases implementation and maintenance costs, and creates more potential points of failure by complicating wiring designs. Alternatively, the MVI56-AFC integrated flow computer supports 16 differnetial (AGA3), linear (AGA7) Gas and MPMS 12.2 Liquid meter runs with four streams per meter, and allow the PLC/PAC to switch the active stream via the module over the backplane of the controller.


Data Archival/Event Logging: The modules have an expanded data archival, providing 35 regular daily and 48 regular hourly archives, or a total of 1,440 daily and hourly extended archives per meter. The event logging feature provides storage up to 1999 events stationwide.


Craig Resnick, Research Director at ARC Advisory Group, comments "ProSoft Technology’s AFC Flow Computers fully leverage the trend of utilizing the higher processing power available today in PLCs, which offer a programming environment that supports development of complex algorithms and drives PLC use into many traditional process applications. End users are able to achieve lower system costs as PLC solutions typically provide a favorable price position versus potential alternative solutions with no compromise in reliability or durability."


Flow computers are also available for the following Rockwell Automation platforms: SLC 500 (MVI46-AFC), PLC-5 (MVI71-AFC), and CompactLogix (MVI69-AFC). All modules come with a three year warranty.