Need wireless connectivity between your laptop and remote processors? ProSoft Technology has the solution.

ProSoft Technology’s inRAx Wireless EtherNet/IP Communication Module (MVI56-WA-EIP) acts as a wireless bridge, enabling remote connectivity between a ControlLogix processor and 802.11 wireless devices including: PCs, Laptops, radio modems such as the RadioLinx Industrial Hotspot, and other MVI56-WA-EIP modules. The MVI56-WA-EIP module allows programming over the backplane using RSLogix 5000. The module acts as a server to RSLinx, allowing for multiple programs such as RSLogix 5000 and RSView products to communicate simultaneously with the processor. What does this mean for the user?

MVI56-WA-EIP Module Applications:
Access and trouble shoot remote processors without leaving the seat of a car or desk
1. Expand wireless networking capabilities: The MVI56-WA-EIP is compatible with any 802.11b wireless technology (including ProSoft’s RadioLinx Industrial Hotspot), enabling wireless connectivity at user-defined distances and locations for virtually unlimited applications scenarios.
2. Wirelessly program RSLinx, RSLogix5000, or RSView products across the backplane of the ControlLogix platform.
3. Easy access in wash-down areas and hazardous locations
4. Safety from arc flashes: These powerful bursts of radiant energy are caused when Voltage escapes from electrified conductors. There are thousands of explosions annually in the US with an average of five severe burn victims per explosion. Liable companies can spend millions in medical costs and equipment damage so preventative measures can be invaluable to a user. The MVI56-WA-EIP can help users avoid arc flashes by enabling access to needed data without having to enter mandated flash boundary zones, and without having to touch the processor.
According to ARC Research Director Craig Resnick, "As manufacturers pursue flexibility in manufacturing configurations the benefits of wireless technology are critical. Plants with a large installation of industrial machinery such as CNC Machine Tools, Material Handling Control Systems, and Packaging Machines benefit substantially from the wireless connectivity to PLCs. The growing use of laptop computers and PDAs on the plant floor will further drive automation suppliers to seek the benefits of no tethered connections to PLCs installed in electric cabinets as well as integrated into inaccessible locations within a machine. Thus, the process of configuration, programming, and commissioning PLCs, as well as maintenance, will see benefits from wireless technology."
Features & Specifications

  • Functions as a wireless Ethernet bridge to a ControlLogix processor
  • Routing/bridging capabilities over DH+, ControlNet, EtherNet/IP, and DeviceNet
  • Single Slot – backplane compatible with ControlLogix (1756)
  • Supports up to 20 simultaneous wireless connections
  • Two modes of communication: PC-to-Wireless Router (infrastructure), PC-to-PC (Adhoc, RSLinx)
  • Configuration data obtained from configuration text file downloaded to the module. Sample configuration file included.
  • 2.4 GHz, 802.11b wireless
  • WEP 64/128 encryption with key rollover management using up to 4 WEP keys for additional security