Virtual Lockout-Tagout™ (vLOTO™) for ProSoft Connect® Provides Groundbreaking Level of Security and Safety

Bakersfield, Calif., October 31, 2018 – With Virtual Lockout-Tagout™, ProSoft Connect® allows companies to control remote access to equipment, ensuring the safety and security of workers and equipment during critical operations.

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If a worker needs to connect remotely to conduct maintenance, vLOTO can help protect the module from inadvertent harm by someone else on the same ProSoft Connect user team. This capability also offers more control over equipment to end users, who can grant access for a specific duration to machine builders or system integrators.

“vLOTO permissions are very secure,” notes Vishal Prakash, Strategic Product Manager at ProSoft Technology. “Up to three authorized personnel can grant access, but if one person declines the approval will be overridden. An audit trail lets your IT department know who granted permission.”

This technology is a first for remote connectivity applications, leveraging IIOT technology to extend the Lockout-Tagout approach already in use in many plants.

vLOTO is included with ProSoft Connect’s Power User Plans. Learn more here.           




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