In-Chassis PROFIBUS interface modules for CompactLogix

ILX69-PBM Schematic

Master Features:

  • AOI: Module integrates with RSLogix 5000 using a sample Add-On Instruction (AOI), reducing configuration time

  • Autoscan: The new Autoscan feature reduces configuration and start up times by scanning the PROFIBUS network and uploading slave device addresses and configuration information. (Reads and maps nodes automatically to the module.)

  • ComDTM: Allows remote Ethernet connectivity for Asset Management Software to significantly lower your maintenance costs. You can configure, commission, maintain and diagnose your fieldbus devices throughout their entire lifecycle with this comprehensive, fully integrated engineering and maintenance environment

  • SD card slot (SD card optional) is used for storing configuration files in the event of a disaster.



Master - ILX69 PBM

ILX69-PBS Schematic

Slave Features:

  • Ethernet port allows remote configuration and maintenance

  • Supports both I/O control and messaging

  • Explicit ladder logic CIP message blocks provide slave status diagnostic data and acyclic messaging

  • Module appears to the CompactLogix controller as a standard I/O module allowing it to be configured via RSLogix™ 5000

  • Equipped with a diagnostic interface and rotary switches for setting of the bus address



Slave - ILX69 PBS

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