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ProSoft Technology® releases the Ethernet to Belden® 9463 Blue Hose® Industrial Media Converter

The Ethernet to Belden® 9463 Blue Hose® Industrial Media Converter allows companies to upgrade their Allen-Bradley® Remote I/O™ system by running EtherNet/IP communications over the existing Remote I/O network. The work can be done during scheduled downtime, minimizing cost. 

Bakersfield, Calif., March 19, 2014 -- ProSoft Technology® is pleased to announce the release of the Ethernet to Belden Blue Hose Industrial Media Converter.

The new ProSoft Technology Ethernet to Belden® 9463 Blue Hose® Industrial Media Converter uses patented technology to help companies upgrade their Allen-Bradley® Remote I/O™ systems with minimal downtime. Once the Industrial Media Converters are installed, companies will be able to run Remote I/O and EtherNet/IP™ data simultaneously on existing Blue Hose cable. This allows upgrading of the individual nodes in phases.

The Ethernet to Belden 9463 Blue Hose Industrial Media Converter’s units are Plug & Play, with no configuration needed. The converters offer 57.6K and 115.2K baud rates and a maximum distance of 1,300 feet with simultaneous Ethernet and Remote I/O data (1,750 feet for Ethernet data alone). Repeaters are available for networks with distances up to 10,000 feet.

These Converters are the latest example of phased migration solutions from ProSoft Technology, giving companies the freedom to complete necessary upgrades on their schedule.

For more about ProSoft Technology’s legacy Remote I/O Migration Solutions ­­– including the Ethernet to Belden 9463 Blue Hose Industrial Media Converter – visit http://psft.com/eiprio5.

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