RLX-WPK001 Weatherproofing Kit



The use of this weatherproofing kit provides an additional moisture seal for cable connections. It also prevents loosening of connections from vibration or other external stresses which would eventually allow moisture penetration.

The application of sealing materials to antenna cable connections protects them from weather conditions. These include moisture penetration and loosening of connections from vibrations caused by strong winds.

Features and Benefits

Each kit provides adequate materials for up to 20 typical N-type connections on LMR-type cable, less if used with
Heliax or LDF5/CVX5 cables, due to their larger diameter.

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Weatherproofing connectors and antennas is recommended for all outdoor installations.


RLX-WPK001 Weatherproofing Kit Datasheet 125.78 kB Last Modified 07/09/2010