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RadioLinx IH Browser


ProSoft Technology’s RadioLinx IH Browser is a Windows-based configuration and monitoring tool for the RadioLinx Industrial Hotspot radios. Use this free tool to quickly and easily deploy, configure, and troubleshoot your wireless network.

Simply connect the PC with IH Browser software installed to the RLX2 series radio and IH Browser will automatically detect all RLX2 series radios on the network. Easily assign an IP address and connect to the RLX2 radio web interface to configure the device.

Features and Benefits

  • Free download from
  • Easy RLX2 series radio detection
  • Quickly launch the radio configuration web interface
  • View the radio properties and configuration
  • Update the firmware of the radio
  • Show all radios connected through the network in a list view
  • Show a diagram of all wireless connections in Network Topology view
  • View an Event Log of each radio in the network
  • Enable Foreign AP detection to notify when a foreign AP is operating on the same channel as the RLX2 network


System Requirements

The IH browser is designed to run on Microsoft Windows, and is supported on the following versions:

  • Microsoft Windows 7 Professional 32 or 64-bit, with Service Pack 1
  • Microsoft Windows 10

Other Microsoft Windows operating system versions may work but have not been tested by ProSoft Technology and are not officially supported.


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