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RadioLinx IH Browser


RadioLinx IH Browser is a configuration and monitoring tool for the RadioLinx Industrial Hotspot radios. Use RadioLinx IH Browser to view your network topology, determine the best "path" between Master, Client and Repeater radios, and detect the presence of other vendors' 802.11 radios on the network.

Features and Benefits

The RadioLinx IH Browser configuration tool is designed for Microsoft Windows XP, 2000 and 2003. Features of RadioLinx IH Browser tool include:

  • Compatible with any device that supports EtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP/IP, or any 802.3 compliant Ethernet protocol
  • 802.11 Monitoring
  • Automatic Parent Selection & Prioritized Parent Selection
  • Rapid Spanning Tree
  • Specific Information on Ethernet Devices attached to the network
  • Redundant Link Visibility
  • Rapid Network Adaptation to changes without the need for user intervention
  • Tools to trade automatic adjustment for manual control
  • Tools for monitoring 802.11 traffic from other WiFi devices


RadioLinx IH Browser includes the following functionality:

  • Connect: Log in to the Radio Configuration / Diagnostic Utility to configure a radio or check diagnostics
  • Assign IP: Assign a temporary IP address to a radio
  • Update Firmware: Update the version of firmware the radio uses
  • Wireless Clients: View a list of client radios
  • Ethernet Nodes: View a list of wired Ethernet nodes connected to the network
  • Scan List: View a list of all the radios detected on the network (including those from other vendors)
  • Properties: View the selected radio's properties
  • You can print a list of the radios' properties, or a topology view showing the relationships between all radios detected on the network
  • Change how the RLX-IH Browser scans for radios

802.11 Access Point Detector

The IH radio can be used as an installation tool to analyze the 802.11 environment and provide the user with information on choosing antenna location and channel selection.

RadioLinx IH Browser will report:

  • Each 802.11 AP detected including SSID
  • Actual RSSI in dBm
  • Frequency channel

Use this information to help choose a channel that is least utilized, or to select appropriate antenna types and alignments to minimize interference.


These configuration tools are designed for Microsoft Windows XP, 2000 and NT. Minimum hardware requirements are:

  • 100 MHz or faster Pentium PC
  • 128 MB RAM
  • CD-ROM drive
  • 100 MB available hard drive space
  • Available RS-232 serial port and null modem cable
  • Ethernet port with RJ45 crossover cable for direct connection to module


  • Ethernet hub with standard RJ45 Ethernet cable

Your computer must be PCMCIA 2.1 compliant to support the 1784-PCD card. To verify that your computer is PCMCIA 2.1 compliant, see your computer's user manual.


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