ILX69 PBM Right

PROFIBUS DPV1 Master for CompactLogix


The ILX69-PBM PROFIBUS DPV1 Master module provides all the advantages of in-chassis PROFIBUS communication, such as the inclusion of an AOI and the Autoscan features which greatly reduce your commissioning time, and ComDTM that provides remote Ethernet connectivity with asset management software.

With these modules, CompactLogix™ processors can easily communicate with slave devices supporting PROFIBUS DPV0 and DPV1 protocol. The module acts as an input/output module between the PROFIBUS network and the processor supporting complete Master specifications according to IEC 61158.

Check out a successful application with this module: Help CIP System Communicate.


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Features and Benefits

  • AOI: Module communication is integrated within Studio/RSLogix 5000 using a sample Add-On Instruction (AOI), or sample ladder logic file, reducing commissioning time.
  • Autoscan: The new Autoscan feature reduces start up times and simplifies troubleshooting by scanning the PROFIBUS network and uploading slave device addresses and configuration information. (Reads and maps nodes automatically to the module.)
  • ComDTM: Allows remote Ethernet connectivity with Asset Management Software significantly lowering maintenance costs. You can configure, commission, maintain and diagnose your fieldbus devices throughout their entire lifecycle with this comprehensive, fully integrated engineering and maintenance environment.
  • SD card slot (SD card optional) is used for storing configuration files in the event of a disaster. It can also be used to update the firmware of the module without the need of a 1769 CPU.


PROFIBUS DP Specifications




Maximum 125 


Maximum 244 Bytes per Slave 

Input Data 

Maximum 5712 Bytes

Acyclic Data 


Status data 

88 Bytes

Output data

Maximum 5760 Bytes

DPV1 services 

Class 1 Read/Write
Class 1 Alarm
Class 2 Initiate/Read/Write/Data transport/Abort


Global-Control, Slave-Diagnostic, Set-Parameter

Sync, Freeze Command 


Baud rate 

9.6 kBaud,
19.2 kBaud,
45.45 kBaud,
93.75 kBaud,
187.5 kBaud,
500 kBaud,
1.5 MBaud,
3 MBaud,
6 MBaud,
12 MBaud

Auto-detection mode is supported

Hardware Specification



PROFIBUS Interface

RS-485, max. 12 Mbps, potential free, according
EN 50170 

Diagnostic Interface 

10/100 Ethernet, RJ45

Power Supply 

+5 V ±5 % / 570 mA 

Max. Distance Rating

2 slots


Standard 1769 Single-slot module


EN 61000-4-4, 2 kV, 5 kHz 


EN 61000-4-5, 2 kV common mode, 1 kV differential mode


EN 61000-4-2, 4 kV contact, 8 kV air, 4 kV indirect 

Radiated/Conducted Immunity 

EN 61000-4-3, 10 V/m, 30 ...1000 MHz, 80% AM, 1 kHz sine wave

EN 61000-4-6, 10 V, 0,15 ...30 MHz 

Radiated/Conducted Emission

EN 55011 Class A


IEC 600068-2-6, 10-150 Hz, ± 0,75 mm, ± 1 g, 1 Octave/min

IEC 600068-2-27, 15 g, 11 ms

Operating Temperature

0°C to 60°C (32°F to 140°F)

Relative Humidity 

5 to 95% (non-condensing)

PROFIBUS conformance



ATEX Letter of Conformity 55.24 kB Last Modified 05/12/2022
CB Safety 388.14 kB Last Modified 02/26/2020
Declaration of Conformity (RoHS/CE) 442.33 kB Last Modified 12/18/2020
UL/CUL; Class1, Div. 2 388.14 kB Last Modified 02/14/2019
PI PROFIBUS Certification 158.38 kB Last Modified 09/15/2017
Country Approval - Eurasian Customs Union Conformity (EAC) (Wired) 1.92 MB Last Modified 02/11/2022
Korean KC Registration 261.73 kB Last Modified 03/25/2020
Declaration of REACH Compliance 341.08 kB Last Modified 02/08/2021