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How do I upgrade my RLX-OPC Server?

How do I upgrade my RLX-OPC Server? You will first need to uninstall the existing RLX-OPC Server. When OPC is on a computer already and you are upgrading to OPC from the website. If OPC is on the computer already.BEFORE you try to install: a. Stop the RadioLinx_OPCServer service that is running [My Computer > Manage > Services] b. Close OPC Monitor or the OPC Config Tool c. Attempt to uninstall OPC Server from Add/Remove Programs 2. If uninstall failed SavedState Error, Can't Uninstall message etc a. To get the old one off, one way is to Install the newest version (1.1.8) over the top [repair the old copy if the installer asks to Repair or Remove] then try to uninstall the old OPC Server (1.0.3 etc) after that. b. If the old one comes off. i. Uninstall the new version too, then reinstall a clean copy of the new version it should install fine c. If the old one still does not uninstall. Try this: i. Delete everything from C:RadioLinx OPC Server and then when try to uninstall add/remove programs it allowed should allow to uninstall.
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