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The Process Data Throughput on my RadioLinx Ethernet radios is less than the Max Data Rate shown for the radios. Why is this?

It is important to note that the Maximum Data Transmission Rate is not the same thing as Process Data Throughput. Max Data Rate represents the nominal theoretical maximum amout of data that could be transmitted on the wireless link. This will include ALL data, such as TCP/IP over...

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How do I upgrade my RLX-OPC Server?

How do I upgrade my RLX-OPC Server?You will first need to uninstall the existing RLX-OPC Server.When OPC is on a computer already and you are upgrading to OPC from the website. If OPC is on the computer already.BEFORE you try to install:a. Stop the RadioLinx_OPCServer service tha...

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Can the Radio Modem be configured as a repeater?

Yes. The RadioLinx radio modems can be configured as repeaters.Related Keywords: RLX-FHERLX-FHS...

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My ILX34-AENWG seems to be running ok. Why can\'t I get statistics information when viewing the Wireless Statistics webpage from my ILX34-AENWG?

When looking at the webpage, the Wireless Statistics may show the module as "Not Associated" but Ethernet packet data IS changing.  The Wireless Statistics tab of the RSLogix ILX34 Properties may show a communication error, even though the module is obviously ...

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I have a serial device which does not use the RS232C standard. It uses a voltage level of +5V for mark and 0V for space. Will this device communicate with RadioLinx products?

RS-232 serial TTL The signal levels described are TTL serial type and need to be converted to RS-232C levels.Convertors can be found from various electronic supply companies....

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Are ProSoft RadioLinx radios compatible with Locus radios?

RLX OS 2400 HSE FHS FHE IHfrequency hopping serial and EtherNet radios (OS2400-485, OS2400-E to RLX-FHS, RLX-FHE).  The ProSoft and locus frequency hopping radios are fully compatible. The only incompatibly could occur when they are programmed.If both types of radios are...

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What effects does harsh weather have on my RadioLinx product's signal attenuation?

In general, weather conditions have little to no effect on the RF signal of a 2.4ghz system. For 2.4ghz systems, you may find attenuation up to 0.08 db/mile (0.05db/km) in the heaviest of rain conditions (4 inches/hr). A thick fog may result in as much as 0.03 db/mile (0.02 db/km...

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What is the maximum distance RadioLinx products can communicate over?

The maximum distance of the RadioLinx products is 15 miles, line-of-sight....

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RadioLinx comparison chart

See 'RadioLinx Comparison Chart.pdf' attachment....

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