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Can’t afford to increase your network to log all your critical data?

Don't have the Bandwidth for constant machine connection and data collection? Log it, and send it in batches.

From weather buoys to offshore oil rigs, some remote access devices lack an always-on connection. We know that understanding the data from your devices in the field is essential for production optimization, maintenance, and troubleshooting.

Our Data Logger allows you to gather critical information like exceptions and alerts – without having to strain your network and avoid costly network infrastructure enhancements.


  • The PLX51-DL-232 is a cost-effective, dedicated device that does not require IT maintenance like a PC would
  • Read and store 16 million time-stamped records from EtherNet/IP™ controllers, DF1 Serial interfaces, or Modbus® serial or TCP/IP devices
  • Data can be manually downloaded to a CSV file using the ProSoft PLX50 Configuration Utility
  • Built-in packet analyzer for DF1 networks to assist in troubleshooting serial network issues
Product Info
PLX51-DL-232 Data Logger for multiple industrial protocols

Our PLX51-DL-232 Data Logger enables you to get the historical data you need without requiring a dedicated PC or network infrastructure.