EtherNet/IP to PROFINET IO Device Gateway

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ProSoft Technology’s EtherNet/IP™ to PROFINET® IO Device (Slave) gateways let you transfer data between EtherNet/IP™-based Rockwell Automation® or Schneider Electric® controllers to PROFINET®-based Siemens or GE controllers. There are two gateways in this family, a one Ethernet port version and a two Ethernet port version. The two ports allow the two protocols to reside on separate subnets. This allows a user to pass data between the two subnets without changing each device’s IP address to be on the same subnet.

Single Port Gateway   Dual Port Gateway

Reducing Configuration Time

A setup tutorial Video is supplied on the included product DVD or can be viewed to the right.

Configuration is simplified for Rockwell Automation® users through the use of an embedded EDS Add-On Profile (AOP). With an EDS AOP, there are less configuration parameters to enter than when using a generic profile, reducing commissioning time and potential errors.

ProSoft Discovery Service is a utility included with the product that allows your PC to find your gateway, and change its default IP address, without it being on the same subnet as your PC.


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Single Port Gateway   Dual Port Gateway



Reducing Unscheduled Downtime

Gateway diagnostic data can be transferred to PAC/PLC tags, allowing you to start troubleshooting communication issues quickly using your PAC/PLC’s configuration software or HMI.

The gateway comes with an SD Card Slot (Industrial SD Card optional) for storing your gateway’s configuration. This can be used for Disaster Recovery.

Optimize Your Ethernet Bandwidth

Our EtherNet/IP driver supports multiple IO connections enabling you to set different RPIs for control and diagnostic data. This allows you to send low priority data at slower rates.

Other Solutions

Do you have an OEM piece of equipment and don’t have access to the Siemens® programming software, or maybe you don’t want to modify the Siemens® PAC/PLC code?

Siemens® S5 and S7 controllers can also speak Siemens Industrial Ethernet. We have products that can transfer data without having to change the Siemens® PAC/PLC code.

In-chassis solutions for ControlLogix®

Gateway solutions for EtherNet/IP™-based controllers

Don’t want to modify the code in your Rockwell Automation® ControlLogix® PAC/PLC or the Siemens PAC/PLC?  We have products that can transfer data without having to change the Rockwell Automation® code.

In-chassis solutions for ControlLogix®