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Italian ‘eco-ethical’ company adopts a new way to conserve time: AGVs

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Italian ‘eco-ethical’ company adopts a new way to conserve time: AGVs

Gruppo Mauro Saviola is an “eco-ethical” firm based in Italy. Its work resolves in large part around woodwork, chemistry, and furniture kits that can bring a stylish air to one’s home. At the company’s core is a commitment to sustainability, however: It is a major wood transformer, with an emphasis on conservation. According to its website, the company’s “production philosophy is based on the recovery and reuse of a raw material that can be reborn and reused without the need to break down new trees.” 

That commitment to smart and sustainable manufacturing extends to productivity in its plants as well. In its Mortara, Italy, facility, AGVs served the company’s production lines, transferring wood for processing. The AGVs were connected via a legacy communications setup that the company wanted to revamp, so it began a search for a stronger, more powerful WiFi system that could keep up with the facility’s many moving parts, as well as an additional AGV to serve the facility.

Previously, the facility utilized a legacy DeviceNet™ PLC. In working with system integrator Gozzi Srl, Gruppo Mauro Saviola was able to implement operational changes that included the addition of a Rockwell Automation® CompactLogix™ 1769-L30 controller. They considered a few WiFi vendors but eventually decided to use ProSoft Technology’s Industrial Hotspot wireless radios to facilitate communication among the AGVs and the controller. 

ProSoft’s strong experience with CompactLogix systems helped in the decision to choose the radios. The company noted that working with ProSoft Regional Sales Manager Andrea Mazzucchelli throughout the process was a deciding factor as well: The evaluation of the project included a detailed layout of the application, and assistance in determining the best antenna locations for master and repeater radios. 

The addition of the radios brought about some benefits. 

“Since the radios can send data directly to the EtherNet/IP™ controller, Saviola took the opportunity to introduce a network for the protocol,” said Mr. Mazzucchelli. “That has helped them more easily monitor and manage all of their AGVs.”

The simplified setup was also a bonus. 

“The radios’ streamlined configuration helped us reduce a lot of the installation and commissioning time,” said Alberini Sauro, from Gozzi Srl. 
With the addition of its newest AGV, the facility has also improved its capability and output.  


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