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Visualizing a fully integrated SCADA system

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Visualizing a fully integrated SCADA system

mySCADA Technologies, an OEM based in Prague, had worked for more than 15 years in the industrial automation field, focused on the development and production of SCADA systems and HMIs. Their process visualization products and solutions, built on open architecture, allowed for modern and effective monitoring of automation processes. They ranged from smaller projects (such as intelligent personal and commercial buildings, or water treatment plants) to large-scale applications, such as tunnel or power-plant control. 

Then they had an idea: why not try to integrate a full-featured HMI/SCADA system into a PLC/PAC? The advantages that this would bring to their typical customer were huge, including ease of installation; a reduced number of required components, helping to reduce costs; increased security; and superior performance. Previously, the end user would have had to install a SCADA system on a remote server and connect it to the PAC over an Ethernet interface. This system required regular maintenance, increasing the overall cost of the solution. The new solution, mySCADA Technologies proposed, would be a modern, Web-based, professional setup featuring complete options for professional visualization, processing, and analysis of real-time industrial processes. 

mySCADA Technologies decided to opt for a solution utilizing a Rockwell Automation® CompactLogix™ controller and ProSoft Technology’s Linux Development Module, which fits right into the CompactLogix. The Linux Development Module allows the user to create a fully customizable program in C or C++, and is also available for use in a ControlLogix® system. This solution allowed for an especially robust HMI/SCADA system, company representatives said. 

This particular pairing of hardware and software created “the perfect match for the end users,” said Matej Cerny, Technical Director at mySCADA Technologies. 

“Running full-featured SCADA as part of the controller brings a lot of advanced features for the end user,” Mr. Cerny added.

Thanks to the Linux Development Module, the sky was the limit for mySCADA Technologies creatively and technologically. The solution the company created helps end users step back from frequent maintenance and focus on what’s really important -  visualizing a path of success in their own operations. 

Learn more about the Linux Development Module.