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New Updates Add (Even More) Versatility to AN-X4 Modernization Gateway

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New Updates Add (Even More) Versatility to AN-X4 Modernization Gateway

The AN-X4 Modernization Gateway has already been a versatile star player for companies that need to update legacy Allen-Bradley systems. The gateway:

· Supports modernizations for a variety of legacy equipment

· Allows you to modernize on your timetable with old and new systems running in parallel

· Allows you to avoid PLC code updates for some modernizations

· Can be used repeatedly for I/O racks as your modernization continues

Recently, the gateway got two new firmware updates to add to its usefulness for your modernization.

Modbus TCP/IP Server Support and Network Bridging

Modbus TCP IP Server mode

One of the new updates is an operating mode that allows Modbus TCP/IP clients to access PLC data from stations on your legacy Data Highway Plus network, as shown above.

This operating mode increases the gateway’s flexibility for multi-protocol applications, and allows you to connect your DH+ equipment to newer devices. The Modbus TCP/IP server supports up to 128 connections.

The second new operating mode leverages existing Blue Hose cable to listen to messages on an Ethernet network and use its “BridgeIP” mapping functionality to forward messages between the module’s DH+/Blue Hose port to its Ethernet port. From there, it can be sent to all devices on the Ethernet network, as shown below.

Bridging mode

How to Get the Firmware Updates

Already have an AN-X4 gateway? You can still get these updates for your module! If you purchased your gateway prior to May 1, 2024, the module can be easily updated with the new firmware, located here under the Downloads tab.

If you have any questions about the new firmware or how to update your module, please contact your regional tech support team.