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My MVI46 module faults the processor after cycling power to the rack.

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  1. The bios settings have the console enabled. This will cause the MVI46 module to send a series of printf's out the debug port. This does not allow the module to boot up fast enough for the processor, and this will in turn fault the processor. By disabling the console setting in the bios of the module, the module will boot up quicker, allowing the backplane to open up, and begin communicating with the processor.


  2. The setup jumper on the module is installed. As far as the boot sequence of the module, this will have the same effect as having the console enabled in the bios settings far east-language: AR-SA; MSO-ANSI-language: By changing the bios settings, and making sure that the setup jumper is not installed on the module, this will cause the module to stop faulting the processor.


  3. The backplane is not providing sufficient current from the power supply to the module. As MVI modules generally require 800ma @5v, moving the module to a slot closer the power supply.  RSLogix 500 will automatically update any M1/M0 slot references in the logic as you drag the MVI module from one slot to another in the I/O configuration.