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How do I setup the DNPSNET module to perform unsolicited messaging?

In order to use unsolicited messaging on an In-Chassis DNP application, your client (DNP master) will need to be connected to via a TCP/IP connection. All DNP Ethernet devices must support both TCP/IP and UDP for their transport layers. Since TCP/IP is the only connected type of ...

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What are the power requirements for the MVI69 CompactLogix modules?

MVI69 modules require 800ma @ 5 volts and have a Distance Rating of 2 (slots from a power supply) MVI69E modules require 500ma @5 volts and have a Distance Rating of 4MVI69L modules require 450ma @ 5 volts and have a Distance Rating of 4The 24v requirements for all of these MVI ...

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Can the ProSoft DNPSNET solutions support multiple masters (clients)?

The DNPSNET, as a DNP 3.0 Ethernet server can communicate to many clients, but there are some limitations.First of all, the DNPSNET has 1 TCP/IP (connected) socket. This TCP/IP socket is the only socket that will allow for unsolicited messages for the passing of event data.The mo...

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