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How do I configure my ADM project to work with a particular MVI platform I am using?

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Run backplane startup function failed after you successfully compiled and downloaded the sample program to the MVIXX-ADM. It doesn't work and you get the following message on the debug port: error: Startup function failed!

Although the sample program for the MVIXX-ADM is compatible for all the MVI platforms (MVI46, MVI56, MVI71, MVI94), you need to specify the target of the compiled program. To do that you must edit the file admapi.h and find the following section:

/* set platform type */
//#define MVI56
//#define MVI46
//#define MVI94
#define MVI71

In that section, you must remove the comment for the target platform and comment all of the other platforms. If you fail to do this, the program will compile fine but it will not use the correct backplane driver, and will not run on your platform.

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