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Why won't my ProSoft MVI module go into Setup Mode even though I have installed the Setup Jumper and restarted the module?

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Jumpers are supposed to have a metal clip inside the plastic housing. It is this clip that makes the necessary connection between the two pins that allows the module to enter setup mode. Occasionally, this metal clip is missing or falls out, leaving only the plastic jumper shell. Since the plastic is non-conductive, the module does not receive the proper signal to change modes. After installing the setup jumper and restarting the module, I still see activity on p2 or p3 leds, as if the module is still in normal operating mode. My MVI flash update utility does not connect to the module, even after I installed the setup jumper and restarted the module. I know my null modem cable and DB9-to-RJ45 pigtail (supplied with the module) are good. Try a different jumper. You can temporarily borrow the port 1 or port 2 RS-232/RS-422/RS-485 configuration jumper to use for setup, if no other replacements are available.