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Does ProSoft Configuration Builder run in Windows 7/8/10?

ProSoft Configuration Builder is supported on both 32 and 64 bit Windows 7/8/10 installations. However, there is one short extra step required. Instead of running the file directly out of your web browser or double-clicking on the installation file to open it, it is required...

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How to upload a configuration file from 4xxx or 5xxx Gateway?

It is recommended to use ProSoft Configuration Builder to upload and download configuration files to 4xxx and 5xxx series gateways.  ProSoft Configuration Builder is provided free of charge and can be downloaded here:

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Can I configure my ProLinx 4xxx or 5xxx series gateway via Ethernet?

The only way to configure or debug a 4xxx or 5xxx series ProLinx gateway is through the serial Debug/Config port. ...

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I am trying to connect to the Debug/Configuration port using HyperTerminal on Windows Vista. How can I do this?

There are two ways to connect to the Debug/Configuration port on a ProSoft module using Windows Vista.1. Using the ProSoft Configuration Builder.  Download at: Using HyperTerminal.By default, HyperTerminal is ...

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Can the FIFO buffer settings on my Windows PC COM Ports affect communications to In-Chassis modules and 5000 series gateways?

Yes, they can.  Some users have good success with the FIFO buffers Enabled.  Others have good success with the FIFO buffers Disabled.So, the best advice ProSoft can offer is that, if you are trying to get serial communication with one of our solutions and your efforts a...

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Prosoft Configuration Builder (PCB) runtime errors: "SideBySide" or VC++ files not found

Q: Windows returns "SideBySide" related errors or reports that Microsoft VC90 or VC++  files are not found when attempting to launch PCB.A:  Some of the Visual Studio files may be missing on this PC, see the following link for the Visual C++ 2008 Redistributab...

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Why am I unable to download a configuration file to a 4xxx or 5xxx Series gateway, and the Debug Port LED is on?

The ACT LED is hardware driven by the TXD signal of the PC connected to it. There is an issue with some Dell latitude laptops where the DC powersupply causes the TXD signal to go active. During this state, ProSoft Configuration Builder,hyperterminal, and other serial communicatio...

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Transferring Module Configuration over a Serial Port

It can be difficult at times to get USB-to-serial adapters working properly. They are not an ideal replacement for proper DB-9 ports as found on older computers. Even modern computers that do have DB-9 ports can have issues. The issue is that USB-to-serial adapters (and most DB-9...

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Can USB be used with Prosoft Configuration Builder for Config Transfers over CIPConnect?

Internal testing has shown that, even with the proper driver installed in RSLinx, CIP Connect configuration transfers in Prosoft Configuration Builder do not work over USB. Please use an Ethernet connection instead....

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Cannot Download from PC to Device in ProSoft Configuration Builder

When changing the IP address of a Modbus TCP module, the "Download from PC to Device" option can be grayed out if there are Modbus Master commands with IP addresses that still reference the old IP Address subnet. In this case the configuration is assumed invalid due to ...

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