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My RSSI values do not seem to be accurate beyond a -60dBM signal in my RLX-IFH9E/RLXIFH24E radio. Why?

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Due to the design and physical limitations of the RLX-IFH9E and RLX-IFH24E radios, any RSSI values reported that are greater than -60dBm is not accurate.  These values cannot be compared to provide a meaningful status of the signal level.   For example, an RSSI reported as -39dBm at one time and -39dBm at another time from the same radio does not mean the signal level is the same.  In addition, an RSSI reported as -40dbm is not necessarily a better signal than one reported as -50dbm.


Values above -60dBm will be reported as Max.  Values -60dBm and below down to the threshold of operation (about -100dBm) are accurate to within a few dB. As of July 27, 2010, the latest version is 3.21/1/102.  It is planned to address this issue in a future release of ControlScape.</?xml:namespace></?xml:namespace>