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Reliable Connections for the Industrial World

In 1990, Douglas Sharratt created a module to connect a Rockwell Automation® processor to a Modbus® SCADA host and with that, a new way to connect disparate systems was born.

Since then, the Industrial Internet of Things has become the buzz phrase that’s heard all over the world, and everyone talks about connecting in new ways to leverage production data for decision making. At ProSoft Technology, we’ve been forging those connections ever since the first module, and giving them the reliability, security, and flexibility that industrial applications require. We’ve listened to end users, system integrators, and machine builders worldwide to find out what they need to accomplish their business goals – actionable data, Ultra-Fast communications, and support for major industrial protocols. This knowledge informs our innovative creations with major goals in mind: Helping you connect your production equipment and communicate the rich process data that helps you make decisions to improve production and optimize resources.

How You Benefit from ProSoft’s Expertise

  • 160 combinations of real-time protocol conversion helps connect incompatible systems
  • Real-time data brought directly into your control systems to show measurable results from the IIoT
  • Remote connectivity with built-in security and safety to reduce travel and maintenance costs for remote equipment

For us, a fully connected IIoT is more than just an acronym:

It’s what you need to measure your success, and therefore what we’ll help you achieve.

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