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From automated guided vehicles (AGVs) delivering parts to barcode scanners ensuring accurate product delivery, businesses around the world have found savings from automating traditionally manual tasks in material handling applications. To fit the changing needs and the growing market demand, speed and reliability in distribution centers are becoming more essential than ever. Meeting that demand requires a communications network to all of your automation equipment that can ensure reliability. ProSoft Technology can help with solutions for every part of your material handling application.


Transporting raw materials within your facility requires reliable communications, as do production operations. Radiating cable and wireless solutions provide the accuracy your application needs, no matter the environment. Download the manufacturing solution brief to learn more!

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Your product may need to get from one quadrant of your facility to another. Or you could have a barcode reader that is incompatible with your controller. Whatever your automated warehousing disconnect is, there’s a communication solution that can help you resolve it – and get your product out the door on time so you can meet increased demand. Download the warehousing solution brief to learn more!

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In an automotive plant, wireless solutions are key to successful production. In this solution brief, learn how wireless radios and radiating cable can ensure reliable communications and keep automotive production running smoothly. Download the automotive solution brief to learn more!

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Real-World Examples

Automating Parts Deliveryin an Automotive Plant

Automating Parts Delivery in an Automotive Plant

"AGVs paired with strong wireless communication led to several benefits for an automotive company.

Ensuring the perfect sample sizes

Ensuring the perfect sample sizes – with help from a Modbus module

A perfume manufacturer produces its samples thanks to improved communication with their scale.


Product Recommendations

The Fast Industrial Hotspot Radio provides a secure wireless solution that features Ultra-Fast access point switchover times of less than 10 ms. Radiating Cable, which acts as a long, flexible antenna, is a good alternative to unreliable conductor rails and slip rings. And ProSoft’s In-Chassis and Gateway Solutions offer communication interfaces for many types of control equipment.

fast industrial hotspot radio
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5 ghz bulk radiating cable
product details
5 ghz terminated radiating cable
product details
Ethernet to ASCII Gateway Communication Module
product details
Ethernet to ASCII Four-Port Gateway
product details
Generic ASCII Serial Enhanced Communication
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