Leveraging the IIoT to make real productivity improvements

Most industries have been slow to adopt the Industrial Internet of Things, mostly because standard IoT technologies are not robust enough for demanding industrial environments. The hype and the promise of the IIoT is that connecting systems across the enterprise will easily and continuously provide rich data to drive optimization decisions. The reality is that most organizations struggle with collecting and leveraging this rich data within their operations, never mind across the enterprise. Incompatible systems can also make IIoT benefits difficult to obtain.

Clive Humby, a UK mathematician, noted in 2006 that

“Data is the new oil. It’s valuable, but if unrefined it cannot really be used.”

Data can be enormously helpful in your operation and help you realize quantifiable benefits from IIoT investments. Before that point, though, you have to go through the steps to make the data worth its IIoT weight – collect it, transfer the information, refine it, and apply it to your applications. Just like oil.

Realizing the Potential

IIoT technology can be used to capture, transmit, store, and analyze process data to create insights that inform optimization decisions. But none of this happens unless you start with connectivity to collect, translate, and communicate from the rich data sources. From that point, you can store and analyze the information, before taking action based on the data.

At ProSoft, we’ve been committed to helping you connect your enterprise for more than 25 years. We offer over 160 protocol conversion combinations to help you access your equipment’s data, and secure, robust communication solutions designed for industrial environments. Learn more below about how you can leverage the power of the IIoT.

Discover the IIoT benefits of real-time monitoring

Finding Pragmatic Applications

The data you need is right there on your plant floor – now you just have to get to the information. Gateways can be used to capture and bi-directionally transmit rich data from the plant floor through OPC-UA. Once the data is available to MES and ERP systems, you can make informed decisions about materials, scheduling, and maintenance – and realize measurable benefits from IIoT technology.


Extending Connectivity

Remote connectivity via IIoT technology allows end users to securely manage their disparate operations from anywhere in the world. Machine builders and system integrators can securely connect to remote project sites, keeping projects and clients separated while increasing team collaboration. Reduce support travel costs and decrease downtime, thanks to a cloud-based platform that supports real-time access via cellular and wired solutions, and data loggers for easy storage and on-demand retrieval.


Real-World Examples

American Castings

In-chassis, wireless improvements boost Pelican Gathering’s ROI

An oil and gas company’s facility increased its efficiency thanks to protocol, in-chassis, and remote connectivity solutions


American Castings increases access to operational data

The Oklahoma company modernized in phases – and saw IIoT benefits.


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