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Wellheads and Pumpjacks

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In-chassis Oil and Gas Flow Computer Cuts Costs

Lower Capital Spend, Optimize Production, Reduce Support Costs

It used to be that you’d need multiple RTUs and standalone flow computers for your multi oil well pad   operation, with long wiring runs to the control house and individual programs for everything. You’ve probably thought these were necessary evils. But we have good news: With ProSoft Technology’s in-chassis flow computer for Rockwell Automation® PACs, you can simplify your operation, decreasing your capital spend and maintenance costs. This integrated solution helps you reduce your support costs, optimizing your resources. Sending your transmitter data wirelessly reduces your installation costs and can eliminate downtime associated with cutting buried cables by avoiding trenching.

LACT System Information

LACT Systems

In Lease Automatic Custody Transfer (LACT) systems, accurate delivery of your product to customers is crucial. Our CompactLogix™ flow computer gives you a scalable cost effective solution to track product being delivered to your customer’s pipeline, tanker trucks and tank cars. For larger applications, distributed POINT I/O™ can be used to reduce your wiring costs.

Control House Diagram

Control house

With our integrated design, you can decrease the size of your control house and the costs associated with integrating RTUs and standalone flow computers with your PLC. The scalable design of Rockwell Automation controllers and our in-chassis flow computers allows you to optimize your setup, ensuring a cost-effective design for your application. Using Rockwell Automation distributed I/O saves you space in the control house and reduces your wiring. Our wireless solutions can help you remotely monitor operations (cellular), as well as support distributed I/O applications (WiFi) to help you reduce your wiring costs.

Pumpjack Diagram

Pump jacks

ProSoft Technology’s wireless capabilities allow you to get remote access to your pump jacks and cut down on your wiring and trenching that this connection would traditionally require.

Wellhead Separator Tank Diagram

Wellheads, separator monitoring, tank level

By deploying distributed POINT I/O and our Modbus® modules, users are able to reduce long wire runs to the control house. Using our wireless solution, you can eliminate the network wiring back to the control house.