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ProSoft Technology has a wide array of products to choose from including industrial cellular, 802.11 abgn hotspots, frequency hopping radios for long-distance applications and wireless I/O. Scroll down to see architectures and educational videos.

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  • ICX30-HWC

  • RLX2-IFH24E

  • RLX2-IFH9E



  • RLX2-IHA-A

  • RLX2-IHG-A


  • BM-xx00-RM1K


If you need to wire I/O from point A to point B, and do not want to run long wires, our new Wireless I/O system is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to replace wire. Go to for more info.

ProSoft Technology has a family of Wi-Fi radios to meet various applications. Our 802.11abgn radios are capable of RF data transmission rates of up to 300 Mbps, which is great for I/O Control and video streaming applications. The RLX2 family has many valuable features, such as:

The EtherNet/IP™ object and Modbus® Agent support enables the ability for EtherNet/IP and Modbus® TCP controllers to read diagnostic information from the radios. This can help reduce down time when troubleshooting network issues.

The QoS feature allows for data prioritization. With QoS you can set different data transmission requirements for each of your I/O Control devices or video streaming. Virtual Local Area Networks (VLAN) allow for network secure segmentation. With a VLAN, you can have separate networks within your overall network.

Our access points can be used to locate and track assets and people with AeroScout® tags and software using a single, unified wireless network for data, voice and location services. AeroScout's Wi-Fi RFID Tags are small, battery-powered wireless devices used for accurately locating and tracking any asset or person. For more information on tracking assets or people, click the link below.

Ultra-Fast Roaming: Provides seamless networking for automotive skillet lines, automated storage and retrieval systems, and amusement-park ride control. Mobile machines and carriers can travel long distances among multiple access points without dropping their Ethernet connection. Security: WPA2 Personal and Radius support with 128-bit AES encryption ensures secure networking.

We also have expertise in applications use a radiating cable solution. The radiating cable is good for applications where slip rings were initially used. The radiating cable solution reduces the maintenance and down time associated with slip rings in applications like bottling machines and automotive skillet lines.


Our Frequency Hopping industrial wireless solutions with Smart Switch technology are the answer. Our frequency hopping radios provide up to 30 miles of point to point connectivity at 1.1 Mbps, and are the solution for outdoor SCADA and other long distance functions. The radios provide virtual peer-to-peer packet switching and networking optimization using advanced Smart Switch technology. Smart Switch technology makes your network more efficient by determining which specific radio’s data needs to transmit at any given time. 


Our industrial cellular gateway is the answer. Our cellular gateway provides OEMs, system integrators, utilities, and other remote area applications with secure, high-speed data transmission. With secure Ethernet or serial connectivity through VPN tunnels, the cellular gateway provides secure access to remote field devices over 3G cellular service. The ICX30-HWC allows control system engineers and technicians to see remote status alerts and GPS tracking immediately from their office workstation or mobile HMI. Would it be helpful to receive status texts from your critical devices? With our Industrial Cellular gateway, you can. In addition, the gateway's embedded EtherNet/IP™ object allows your EtherNet/IP(™) based processor to receive critical status data from your remote field devices. 


ProSoft Technology’s Cellular Devices

Industrial Cellular Gateway ICX30-HWC

ProSoft Wireless Designer

Free ProSoft Wireless Designer software walks you through designing a new wireless network or adding to an existing network and at the end, presents you with a parts list of everything you need for your new wireless network.